Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adaptation in responce to the environment

Since the time when humans first lived on the earth, they have been forced to adapt to their environment. For example, during the winter months, instead of freezing to death, humans would keep together inside of sheltered locations for warmth. As time continued, humans eventually learned to create clothing and warmer shelters. It was during the winter months that the discovery of fire was most helpful. After enough time passed, fire was harnessed to keep humans alive during the cold winters.
The environment also provided a living style for the humans that lived on earth not only back then, but now as well. Today, the environments all over the world dictate all types of living styles. In Russia, warmer cloths are required while in towns all over the equator, the indigenous people can be seen in nearly no clothing.
To further understand the effects of environment on survival, modern hunter gatherer societies are being studied.

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