Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Adaptations For Society

Similarly to how individual adaptations helped the individual, societal adaptations have helped society as a whole. One such adaptation, and the most important, is the creation of language. Although many animals communicate with each other through sounds and body movements, human do it in a much more complex way. The way humans use language allow us to express complex emotions, thoughts and ideas to others in a simple way, words. Some researchers believe that language is actually a mix of many adaptations, while other believe it was one large adaptation, either it resulted in something that helped society grow.
Mating and parenting are two more adaptations that have helped society grow. Without mating there would be no offspring, and without parenting it would be difficult to have a society. Mating helps the society grow and parenting keeps it together (at first). Parenting allows parents to teach there offspring what they know and how to survive, it also creates connection between parent and child the bonds them, and numerous bonds create one larger community, and as bonds begin to expand (friends, larger families, etc...) the community itself gets bigger. Just like how some animals travel in packs/flocks/schools humans usually live in communities. Pretty straight forward.

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